Who can come to the space (for open events, project proposals, group discussions and design activity)?

  • Any student, faculty or staff in the UT Austin community
  • Company representatives or non-UT individuals with special permission.

Who can use machines in the space? (3D printers, Laser Cutters, CNC, Plasma Torch, Sewing Machines and other equipment)

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate Cockrell School students.
  • Currently enrolled Cockrell School graduate students with special permission and qualification.
  • Potential partners on engineering projects from the UT Austin Community with special permission and qualification.
  • People outside of the UT Austin community are not allowed to use LMS machines at this time.

What kinds of projects can be worked on in the LMS facilities?

  • For undergraduate Cockrell School students, projects can range from courses to product development to personal activities. For product development, the activity can proceed up to a first article, but nothing fabricated within the space can be offered for sale.
  • Access to other parties (that are qualified and granted permission) will be limited to work on a specific project.