The studios are equipped with a range of tools from the simple to powerful. Please see the examples below to get an idea of the types of things that each tool can make. We encourage you to come talk to us about what you are trying to build and we will be happy to point you to the appropriate equipment.

We provide training to use the equipment, the tooling, and printing materials. View the training schedule and rules in our Training section. We also stock a supply of raw materials and sheet goods that you can purchase from us at cost, or you are welcome to bring your own materials for certain machines. If you bring your own materials, it will need to be approved before using it on our equipment. Our tools generally can work with plastics, wood, and soft metals (aluminum, copper or brass), although our specialized equipment can handle steels.

In addition to the tools below, we also have an industrial sewing machines and embroidery machine, scroll saw, band saw, drill press, and an assortment of hand tools.